Commercial or Famous Applicattions.?

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Tue Nov 9 02:40:22 CET 2010

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> It is certainly possible for someone else's language choices to
> affect me (if I get called in to fix their code).  And as a result, I do
> try to do at least a little language advocacy.  Specifically, I try to
> steer people away from PHP.  I can live with just about everything else.

True and i agree with your statements however i was alluding more to
the fact that there exist no true winner in the battle of languages.
Just as there exists no winners in the battle of composers. You can
say "Hey this of group of talented fellows really shines above the
rest". However you can NEVER say that "This specific fellow shines
above the group of talented fellows". Can you compare the expansive
depth and melodic genius of Chopin to the explosive (almost vengeful!)
energy of Ludwig van Beethoven? How how about Rachmaninoff to Liszt?
But yea i must agree... PHP... :-P"

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