An easier way to do this? (spoiler if you're using pyschools for fun)

Matty Sarro msarro at
Tue Nov 9 20:00:17 CET 2010

Hey everyone,
I'm working on one of the puzzles on, and am trying to figure
out if I can make my solution a bit more elegant.

def getSumOfLastDigit(numList):
    for i in range(0, len(numList)):
    return sumOfDigits

Below is the problem. Basically you take the last digit of each number in
the list, and add them together.

Write a function: getSumOfLastDigit(numList) that takes in a list of
positive numbers and returns the sum of all the last digit in the list.


   >>> getSumOfLastDigit([12, 23, 34])
   >>> getSumOfLastDigit([2, 3, 4])
   >>> getSumOfLastDigit([1, 23, 456])
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