Silly newbie question - Caret character (^)

Mark Wooding mdw at
Tue Nov 9 22:21:25 CET 2010

Philip Semanchuk <philip at> writes:

> What's funny is that I went looking for a printed copy of the C
> standard a few years back and the advice I got was that the cheapest
> route was to find a used copy of Schildt's "Annotated ANSI C Standard"
> and ignore the annotations. So it serves at least one useful purpose.

The book was much cheaper than a copy of the C standard from ANSI or ISO
even when it was new.  It was a common joke (HHOS) at the time that the
difference in price reflected the value of the annotations.

(It also has two errors in the actual text of the standard.  There's a
character missing in the syntax summary, and one page was omitted
entirely, replaced by a copy of the previous page: my copy came with a
corrected page ineptly glued in at the relevant place.)

-- [mdw]

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