Development Vs Release

Sven nomail at
Wed Nov 10 13:49:47 CET 2010


When developing tools I often also work on a module that I need to 
import into that tool. Once the work is complete both (or more) files 
go to a release location on the network.

The question I have is: what is the easiest way to adjust the import 
path depending on whether it's a release or dev version.

Right now I am using a custom env var (PYDEV) that I have to manually 
set when I work on the project that will insert the development module 
path into sys.path.
This way the released version will not append the path and use the 
system wide PYTHONPATH

Are there any better ways of doing this? I don't like the idea of flags 
inside the code as they can often get missed when developers release 
their code, ending up with released versions that import modules from 
the developer's working directory.



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