How to test if a module exists?

Emile van Sebille emile at
Fri Nov 12 02:34:39 CET 2010

On 11/11/2010 4:20 PM Lawrence D'Oliveiro said...
> I have just received an admission from Barry Warsaw that a hack was done on
> python-list specifically to deal with bounces caused by a list member trying
> to reply to my obfuscated e-mail address.
> I have asked him to undo that hack. If he likes, he can filter out that
> (obfuscated) address of mine completely, I don’t mind, since I can always
> read replies to my postings here on USENET. The important point, as far as
> I’m concerned, is that I do NOT want to see my unobfuscated address appear
> on USENET.
> As for those who persisted in posting my address after being warned of this,
> I’m still deciding what to do.

Well, you got you're work cut out for you.  Google says...

Results 1 - 10 of about 17,300 for ldo at geek-central.gen.*****


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