Am I The Only One Who Keeps Reading “Numpy” as “Numpty”?

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at
Fri Nov 12 09:47:21 CET 2010

rantingrick, 11.11.2010 19:07:
> On Nov 10, 5:35 pm, Arnaud Delobelle<arno... at>  wrote:
>> So pypy is "pie-pee", not "pie-pie" or "pee-pee".  With that edifying
>> thought, I'm off to bed.
> :) Good catch!
> Actually i've always thought of pypi as pie-pie and Scipy as cy-pie.
> Num-pie does not work for me. Maybe some linguist could chime in and
> explain these odd tendencies...?

Ah, that's just English. Never mind.


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