Sending changed parameters into nested generators

John O'Hagan research at
Fri Nov 12 10:47:26 CET 2010

I have a generator function which takes as arguments another generator and a 
dictionary of other generators like this:

def modgen(gen, gendict):
    for item in gen():
	for k, v in gendict:
	yield item

I want to control the output of this generator by sending in new values to the 
generators in gendict. I have done this using a list in a simple generator 

def loop(lis):
    while True:
	for item in lis:
        	yield item

and write:

lis[:] = [new_value]

to see the output of modgen() change.

However, I want to be able to use other modgen() instances as values in 
gendict, each with a gendict of its own, which in turn may contain modgen() 
instances, and so on recursively. The recursion stops wherever a simple 
generator like loop() is encountered.

To this end I've made nested dictionaries like this example:

{'a':[1,2,3], 'b':{'a':[4,5,6]}, 'c':{'a':{'a':[7,8,9], 'b':{'c':[10]}}}}
and used a recursive function to convert them to the gendict I'm after like 

def iterized(dic):
    itdic = {}
    for k, v in dic.items():
        if isinstance(v, dict):
            itval = iterized(v)
            itdic[k] = maingen(itval)
            itdic[k] = loop(v)
    return itdic

Then I can write:

recdic = {nested:dictionary}
gendict = iterized(recdict)
mygen = modgen(gen, gendict)

The problem is that the gendict looks like this:

{'a': <generator object loop at 0x8841414>, 'b': <generator object modgen at 
0x8841464>, 'c': <generator object modgen at 0x884148c>}

so I have no direct access from there to the sub-generators. 

I have tried using a deep update function on the original nested dictionary, 
but this only works if I  change the contents of a list, not if I want to, 
say, change a node from a list to a dictionary or vice versa, because in that 
case I'm not operating on the same object the generator is using.

If anyone's still reading :) , how can I send new values to arbitrary sub-



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