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Sat Nov 13 20:11:43 CET 2010

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> Are there any Python debuggers with a decent GUI out there at all that
> will work on a Mac with the following features: (i) ability to pass in
> a sys.srgv[] list that the program would otherwise see without the
> debugger, (ii) display local variables, (iii) single-step through the
> source code, and (iv) set a breakpoint? I think I can live without
> anything else for the moment.

I'm very happy using the Eclipse IDE (available for Mac, PC and 'Nix)
with the pydev plug-in. It's free, well supported and well behaved,
and has all the debugging features you name and then some. It's also a
modern code editor with code-hinting, syntax highlighting, etc.

The only downside of Eclipse to me is its 'workspace' and 'project'
metaphors for file organization; which take a bit of getting used to,
particularly if you're used to just editing in a text editor, and then
running in Idle or a command line.

I still usually also have Idle open as well so I can test little code
snippets quickly and easily; but mostly I work in Eclipse.

Cheers - Chas

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