Some Machine Learning related questions

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Sun Nov 14 03:35:52 CET 2010

On Nov 13, 7:39 pm, joy99 <subhakolkata1... at> wrote:
> Dear Group,
> Hope every one is fine.
> I am trying to put some questions.
> I am developing some tool boxes for support vector machine (SVM) and
> hidden markov model (HMM).
> For HMM I was following the tutorial by Leeds University Computer
> Science Department, available online in HTML format, and for SVM I was
> following a book on Neural Networks by Simon Haykin.
> After comprehending them, I thought to cross check my knowledge with
> the original works. I referred to 1989 Rabiner paper for HMM and SVM
> society's tutorial for SVM.
> Here, I am getting some confusions.
> I am looking for a forum, especially an active forum, like this one (I
> searched for few in Google, but all seem to be very lazy), where I can
> post these questions.
> I felt this room consists of very expert people and I visit it often
> moreover it is very active -everytime I posed some question people
> solved it very nicely.
> If any one can suggest a solution to my queries taking his/her
> valuable time, I would be grateful enough.
> Thanks in advance.
> Apology if it is an unrelated question of the forum.
> Wishing you all a happy winter.
> Best Regards,
> Subhabrata.

Thanx Robert,

It seems a good site.

Wishing You A Happy Day Ahead,
Best Regards,

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