Komodo 6, why "Workspace Restore" after every restart?

John Doe jdoe at usenetlove.invalid
Mon Nov 15 09:08:25 CET 2010

alex23 <wuwei23 gmail.com> wrote: 

> John Doe <j... at usenetlove.invalid> wrote: 

>> UseNet would be better off if Google Groups didn't exist, IMO. 
> I'm sorry, are you cranky because you didn't get the answer you 
> wanted when you posted in a less relevant forum? 

Do you realize the harm your filthy news server is doing to 
UseNet? Many regulars here block all of those who post through 
Google Groups. That is because your stinking news server spams 
UseNet like no other ever has. 

> Why do you think comp.lang.python is more appropriate than the 
> Komodo forums? 

Because I prefer posting to UseNet. Komodo is a popular subject 

> What does Google Groups have to do with this issue? 

Google Groups spews a massive amount of sewage onto UseNet 
everyday. Google Groups is your news server. You should be 
ashamed, and I want to help. 

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