Komodo 6, why "Workspace Restore" after every restart?

John Doe jdoe at usenetlove.invalid
Tue Nov 16 03:31:23 CET 2010

Eric Promislow <eric.promislow gmail.com> wrote: 

> Komodo always asks you if you want to restore the last workspace
> when it wasn't shut down cleanly the previous time. 

Why is shutting down in Windows XP more difficult for version 6? 
The only thing I have open is a single small Python file. 
Apparently version 6 is unable to handle the ordinary shutdown 
command it gets from Windows. Or maybe there is some setting that 
can correct the problem. Version 5 shutdown just fine when Windows 
was restarted. 

> The reason for this is that it's possible Komodo ended up in a state
> where
> it's hung due to a particular workspace configuration.  This question
> lets
> you bring up Komodo in a possibly sane configuration instead.
> Is this the best thing to do?  Wouldn't it be better to manually
> remove a
> couple of config files, and restart Komodo in a basic but sane
> configuration?
> You could make a good case for that, and may I suggest that
> http://community.activestate.com/forums/komodo-discussion would be a
> better place to continue this particular discussion?
> Thanks for bringing up the issue though.
> Eric Promislow
> Komodo Developer
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