Is Unladen Swallow dead?

swapnil at
Wed Nov 17 07:24:51 CET 2010

On Nov 17, 3:30 am, laspi <lorena.aspi... at> wrote:
> There has been little or no activity at all in this project in the
> last months, and the last comments on their mailing list seem to
> conrfim that it's future is uncertain.
> It's also very strange the lack of updates, news or discussions,
> specially considering that the merging plan has been approved. Or it
> hasn't?

AFAIK, the merging plan was approved by Guido early this year. I guess
Google is expecting the community to drive the project from here on.
That was the whole idea for merging it to mainline. From my last
conversation with Collin, they are targeting Python 3.3

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