Using Python and Connecting to MySQL remotely WITHOUT MySQL installed on local computer

Tim Harig usernet at
Thu Nov 18 01:21:54 CET 2010

On 2010-11-18, dave <davidreynon at> wrote:
> Using this package, WITHOUT having MySQL installed on my Mac OS X, how
> can I use python to connect to a remote MySQL server?
> All of the tutorials mention having to download MySQL!

You don't have to install all of MySQL, just the client libraries.  I would
assume that almost every MySQL connector uses these libraries; but, you
might see if the MySQL-ODBC connector will work without them.  It is a long
shot.  Your last option would be to recreate your own connector without
using the MySQL client libraries.  I am not really sure what the purpose of
reinventing this wheel would be.

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