Program, Application, and Software

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Thu Nov 18 02:16:34 CET 2010

On 18/11/2010 00:28, Ben Finney wrote:
> Alexander Kapps<alex.kapps at>  writes:
>> On 17.11.2010 19:38, Boštjan Mejak wrote:
>>> What is the difference between a program, an application, and
>>> software?
> Alexander's guide is good. Some notes from a native speaker of English:
>> Program: A sequence of one or more instructions (even 'print "hello"'
>> is a valid Python program)
> Some like to sub-divide “script” as a type of program; I don't see the
> point, and refer to such things as programs.

I'd probably say that a "script" is a program which is normally not
interactive: you just set it up, start it, and let it do its work (a
"batch script", for example). It's also written in a language primarily
designed for convenience rather than speed (Want to manipulate large
chunks of text? Fine! :-)).

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