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On 2010-11-18, Martin Gregorie <martin at address-in-sig.invalid> wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Nov 2010 01:16:34 +0000, MRAB wrote:
>> I'd probably say that a "script" is a program which is normally not
>> interactive: you just set it up, start it, and let it do its work (a
>> "batch script", for example). It's also written in a language primarily
>> designed for convenience rather than speed (Want to manipulate large
>> chunks of text? Fine! :-)).
> I use 'script' to refer to programs written in languages that don't have 
> a separate compile phase which must be run before the program can be 
> executed. IOW Python and Perl programs are scripts aloing with programs 
> written as awk, Javascript and bash scripts.

I use 'script' to refer to programs that are used to automate things
that would otherwise be done by a person typing commands.

IOW, what I write using Python aren't scripts.  They're programs.

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