Is Unladen Swallow dead?

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>  AFAIK, the merging plan was approved by Guido early this year. I guess
>>> Google is expecting the community to drive the project from here on.
>>> That was the whole idea for merging it to mainline. From my last
>>> conversation with Collin, they are targeting Python 3.3
>>    I think it's dead.  They're a year behind on quarterly releases.
>> The last release was Q3 2009.  The project failed to achieve its
>> stated goal of a 5x speedup. Not even close.  More like 1.5x
>> (
> There must have been good reasons to predict a 5x increase. But why did it
> take so long to find out the approach wasn't going anywhere?

It's not that it wasn't going anywhere.  Improvements were accomplished.

Also, LLVM needed to be modified more than a little bit for the purpose.

Also, the developers were constrained a bit by the need to preserve
compatibility with some pretty weird code - like methods being replaced

It's not a small project.
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