Distribution of Python Scripts

Jean-Michel Pichavant jeanmichel at sequans.com
Fri Nov 19 11:43:26 CET 2010

tazz_ben wrote:
> Hi Folks -
> I'm an experienced programmer, but this is my first app with python,
> so I apologize for any stupidity on my part.  So  I've written/still
> working on a command line tool written in Python.  It talks to a web
> service, so there really isn't anything in it that is dependent on a
> particular os.  My goal is to distribute the script as a tool to my
> users so they can use it (they are on multiple platforms), the vast
> majority are not programmers.
> So, I'm looking for a way to distribute the app that takes care of
> details like them having python installed, or having an older version
> etc.  From reading some docs it sounds like "Squeeze" did exactly this
> back in the day, but it is ancient and I'm writing in 2.7.   Just to
> be clear I could care less if they see the source code, my goal is all
> around ease of use.  I would love to have one distribution file for
> all platforms, but I can live  with making three if that's the only
> option.
> So, what's my options.
I've never done that before. So maybe I will give you a very bad idea, 
but if so, I'm confident that ppl in this list will scream about it :)

You can ship your app with python (the executable) and the module you're 
using as local modules.

Let's assume you are importing sys and os:

myApp/os/__init__.py -> actually the whole package

If you see what I mean.

by running python.exe myScript.py ... That should work.

You'll have to include every single module you are using. Only 
python.exe would required to be platform specific.

Maybe that's a terrible thing to do... :D


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