What was your strategy?

Lou Pecora pecora at anvil.nrl.navy.mil
Fri Nov 19 16:55:28 CET 2010

In article <7xr5ei1p2j.fsf at ruckus.brouhaha.com>,
 Paul Rubin <no.email at nospam.invalid> wrote:

> Lou Pecora <pecora at anvil.nrl.navy.mil> writes:
> >> > I'll jump in and recommend the book "Python in a Nutshell" by Martelli.  
> >> It's encyclopedic.
> > Indeed.  I hope Martelli updates it.  I'd buy another copy right away.
> It's a great book but not a starting point for beginners.  It's
> definitely worth having for more advanced users.

I would beg to differ.  I used it from the start of my Python learning 
curve and was greatly helped by it.  For me it gave explanations at just 
the right level with paths to more detail if you wanted.  I found it 
helpful from the beginning.  I would recommended others to at least look 
at it.  You might be helped right away and it's a good addition to any 
Python programmer's library.

-- Lou Pecora

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