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Fri Nov 19 17:53:01 CET 2010

On 11/19/2010 9:22 AM, Martin Gregorie wrote:
> Indeed, 
> it doesn't make sense there since executables are limited to .BAR or .CMD 
> files, which are directly interpreted by the command processor, and .EXE 
> or .COM files, which must be compiled before they can be run. AFAIK 
> there's no way you can mark anything else, such as an awk, Perl or Python 
> source file, as executable since there is no 'executable' attribute in 
> any Windows filing system.

Under Windows you use the PATHEXT mechanism to mark an extension as
executable. Then finding a file with that extension on the PATH will
trigger it to be run by the registered interpreter. As far as I know,

By default on my Vista system I see PATHEXT contains

C:\Users\sholden\workspace\Python3_Lesson3\src>echo %PATHEXT%

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