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Jin Yi razamatan_retral_net at nospam.com
Sat Nov 20 02:58:19 CET 2010

so i came up with a diff method to compare 2 dicts.  i found it pretty
useful so i thought i'd share it with everyone.  you can see the doctest
to check out suggested uses.  since we can't modify built-ins, i
demonstrated adding a diff method to OrderedDict to show how one could
add it to your own mapping objects.

the core logic is compatible with python2 and 3 (i've only tested using
2.6.5 and 3.1.2).  the doctest is suited for python3 though.

the interface is pretty straightforward.  it would be awesome to have
this sucker as a method on the builtin dict, but that'd take a pep, no?

Jin Yi
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