Scheme as a virtual machine?

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>>> That's nonsense.
>> Actually namekuseijin is right. You really need to persevere and
>> familiarize yourself with some of the other languages out
>> there. Haskell is many things but simple is not one of them. If
>> Haskell were half of the things you think it is, it would have more
>> credible success stories.
> Jon, I don't care about your opinion, because it's biased.  If you were
> to advocate Haskell in any way, you would lose money.  So you must fight
> it where possible.  This makes all your postings about Haskell (and many
> other languages) meaningless and reading them a waste of time.
> Haskell is a simple language with a comparably small specification.
> It's not as simple as Common Lisp, but it's simple.  Note that simple
> doesn't mean easy.  Haskell is certainly more difficult to learn than
> other languages, which explains the low number of success stories.  On
> the other hand, I'm doing rapid web development in it.
> After all there aren't many CL success stories either, but Paul Graham's
> story [1] speaks for itself.
> [1]
Perhaps we could take this thread to alt.small.minded.bickering now?

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