Accepting a SAML 2 Assertion

raghu bg bgraghu1987 at
Mon Nov 22 12:24:33 CET 2010


I am working on providing a SSO solution to a customer who acts as an
identity provider. He already has IDP on his side to generate SAML 2
assertions with user first name , last name  and time stamp as parameters.
Our task is to accept this assertion which is signed, decrypt it and send it
to the authenticator we already have. The authenticator validates the info
and gives access to our application which is written using Python. Here we
act as the *service provider.*
I am new to SAML and have no idea how to integrate SAML to our current
Python application. Can you help me on how to accept these assertion
requests from the Idp and decrypt it at Service Provider end using Python.

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