Scheme as a virtual machine?

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> On Mon, 22 Nov 2010 08:14:40 -0800 (PST), toby
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> >This is a good (if familiar) observation. Teaching children (or young
> >people with little exposure to computers) how to program in various
> >paradigms could produce interesting primary evidence. Pity that this
> >isn't examined widely and systematically. We could learn something
> >about how to teach programming and design languages this way, don't
> >you agree?
> I do.
> A study such as that would be more useful than how to teach languages
> - it could be useful in teaching other stuff as well.

yes, pity most children are (used to be) taught Basic first.

Also, with a study like this, it's likely some children would be
taught some lame language and others would be taught some "industrial
strength" language and still others would be taught some esoteric
language.  I'm not sure it'd prove as much as we are hoping for -- as
they are all Turing equivalent and the kids would be able to
eventually do the task asked for in any of them -- but I'm sure some
of those children would be mentally hurt for all their life.  Poor
pioneers :p

JH, nice to have you back! :)

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