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 dilip raghavan <dilip1984me at> wrote:
>          I have been trying to read contents from a file in MAC.
> I wrote the code
> filename = "test.rtf"
> FileHandle = open(filename,'r')
> fileStr =
> print fileStr
> FileHandle.close()
> When I see the output I see a lot of junk. The junk is like a lot of
> question marks, the font information and other details of the file.
> The actual content is lost in the junk.
> I have tried other methods like readline but still I see the junk.
> I tried the asme code in windows and it worked correctly.
> Can any one tell me the reason and the solution  for this.

With an extension of "rtf", the file is presumably a "Rich Text Format" 

There are some Python packages out there for dealing with rtf format 
files.  You might try rtf2xml to convert the file, preserving style 
Or look at the Mac OS X command line utility textutil (man 1 textutil) 
to convert the file to another format.  Or use the OS X

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