Problem with module 'evolution' after moving system

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Wed Nov 24 22:54:18 CET 2010

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> > Using 'help' reveals basic information for evolution but reports "no
> > documentation ...." for evolution.ebook.  On the old system (exactly
> > the same version of python, same OS, same everything just about)
> > "help(evolution.ebook)" shows the expected documentation.
> > 
> > So, what's wrong, is some python module missing that the evolution
> > module needs?  (It's quite likely that there are far more modules
> > installed on the old system than the new one)
> > 
> A bit further trying to see what's wrong it seems that Python is
> failing to load .so libraries for some reason on the system where it
> doesn't work.
> The initialisation code in the evolution module has:-
>     import ebook
> So, obviously this works on the old system but not on the new system. 
> The file is present on both systems in exactly the same place.
.... and I've finally found what was missing, I tried:-

    import evolution.ebook

and it told me that 'import bonobo' was failing.  A little searching
and I found that python-gnome2 (which includes bonobo) was installed
on the old system but not on the new one.  Installing it has fixed my

Chris Green

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