Problem with module 'evolution' after moving system

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Wed Nov 24 22:33:13 CET 2010

tinnews at wrote:

> Using 'help' reveals basic information for evolution but reports "no
> documentation ...." for evolution.ebook.  On the old system (exactly
> the same version of python, same OS, same everything just about)
> "help(evolution.ebook)" shows the expected documentation.
> So, what's wrong, is some python module missing that the evolution
> module needs?  (It's quite likely that there are far more modules
> installed on the old system than the new one)
A bit further trying to see what's wrong it seems that Python is
failing to load .so libraries for some reason on the system where it
doesn't work.

The initialisation code in the evolution module has:-

    import ebook

So, obviously this works on the old system but not on the new system. 
The file is present on both systems in exactly the same place.

Chris Green

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