PyQt Installation Problem on Windows

Saul Spatz saul.spatz at
Wed Nov 24 23:03:14 CET 2010


I've been trying to install PyQt on Windows XP Pro so that I can try
out eric ide.  I used the binary windows installer for PyQt.  I can
run eric as administrator, but not with my ordinary user account.  By
running eric.bat with the --debug flag, I found that he crux of the
problem is that if I type

 import PyQt4

in the python shell, it works for both users, but if I type

 import PyQt4.QtCore

it works for the administrator, but the non-privileged account gets
the message

ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found.

In the file the file from Python26\Lib\site-packages
\PyQt4 I have the line

'pyqt_config_args':  '--confirm-license -b C:\\Python26\\Lib\\site-

I checked with a friend who uses eric, and his file does not have the
--confirm-license parameter.  As far as we can tell, we followed the
same installation procedures.

By the way, I have tried this with python 3.1 on the same machine with
similar results.

I've blown a whole day playing with this, so I'd really appreciate any
help you can give me.

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