Needed: Real-world examples for Python's Cooperative Multiple Inheritance

Alice Bevan–McGregor alice at
Thu Nov 25 06:16:14 CET 2010

On 2010-11-24 12:08:04 -0800, Raymond Hettinger said:

> I'm writing-up more guidance on how to use super() and would like to 
> point at some real-world Python examples of cooperative multiple 
> inheritance.

The SocketServer module 
( uses cooperative 
multiple inheritance to implement threading / async using a 
ThreadingMixIn class and multi-processing using a ForkingMixIn class, 
which may not be as complicated a use case as you are looking for.

One thing that caught me up was the attribute resolution order; it's a 
FIFO, with the first superclass being examined preferentially over 
later superclasses in the declaration.  (Mixins go before the class 
they extend.)

 — Alice.

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