Newbie subprocess question

Dave Angel davea at
Fri Nov 26 06:06:19 CET 2010

On 01/-10/-28163 02:59 PM, Hugo Léveillé wrote:
> I'm starting various application using subprocess.Popen without any
> problem. The problem is with application inside "Program Files". It
> looks like subprocess is stopping the application string after
> "Program". I tried puting the programe name inside double quote like
> '"Program File*..."'. No luck.
> How can I start a app inside this folder ?
> Thanks
How about you show us exactly what you are doing, and just what you mean 
by "no luck" ?  You also should tell us what version of Python you're 
running, and mention that you're on Windows (presumably, but not 

Perhaps you're using shell=True, perhaps you have an executable in the 
root directory called  c:\program.exe,  Perhaps you're passing 
arguments, but not putting them in separate list items.  Who knows?


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