Scheme as a virtual machine?

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> When I was a student at my college, one of the students once told me a
> secret about how a computer program ran by a professor for a course in
> introduction to systems programming checked to ensure that the students
> who were submitting homework assignments worked independently:  the
> program counted the number of occurrences of each type of structure
> (for-loop, while-loop, if-then statement,etc.), and compared the counts
> for the types of structures among assignments between different
> students.

Minor typo corrections:

1) "computer program ran by" -> "computer program run by"

2) "if-then statement,etc." -> "if-then statement, etc." (missing

Incidentally, regarding the programming assignment, the student who was
caught by the structural similarity checking program reportedly received
an e-mail message from the professor asking to explain the similarity.
He never replied to that message, and subsequently received a grade of 0
for that assignment.

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