How to start a windows application minimized (or hidden)

klausfpga klausfpga at
Mon Nov 29 16:11:29 CET 2010


I'd like to start a windows application minimized

As an example I used

what I tried was using the startupinfo field of subprocess.Popen
though I'm not sure, that 'hidden' is really the same as minimized.

        st_info = subprocess.STARTUPINFO()
        st_info.dwFlags |= subprocess.STARTF_USESHOWWINDOW
        st_info.wShowWindow = subprocess.SW_HIDE
        proc = Popen( [ "cmd.exe" ], startupinfo = st_info)

I also tried creating a shortut of calc on my desktop and setting it
'start minimized'

if I click on the shortcut, then calc.exe shows up as a visible window

What am I doing wrong/

Thanks in advance for any ideas

somehow I do not see, that

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