"Strong typing vs. strong testing"

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Fri Oct 1 14:23:31 CEST 2010

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> rustom <rustompmody at gmail.com> writes:

>> Much more mainstream, C# is almost as 'managed' as dynamic languages
>> and has efficiency comparable to C.
> Nothing extraordinary here.  Common Lisp is more efficient than C.
> http://www.lrde.epita.fr/~didier/research/verna.06.ecoop.pdf
> http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1144168

It seems that to make Lisp fast, you have to introduce static typing. Which 
is not much different to writing in C, other than the syntax.

> Actually, it's hard to find a language that has no compiler generating
> faster code than C...

But those implementers have to try very hard to beat C. Meanwhile C can be 
plenty fast without doing anything special.

> When Intel will realize that 99% of its users are running VM

Which one?


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