SQLite is quite SQL compliant

Florian Weimer fw at deneb.enyo.de
Sun Oct 3 16:02:07 CEST 2010

* Ravi:

> The documentation of the sqlite module at http://docs.python.org/library/sqlite3.html
> says:
> "...allows accessing the database using a nonstandard variant of the
> SQL..."
> But if you see SQLite website they clearly say at
> http://sqlite.org/omitted.html that only very few of the SQL is not
> implemented.

I think that page refers to SQL92, not some more recent version of the
standard.  There are also issues caused by SQLite's approach to
typing, e.g.

  SELECT 1 = '1';

returns a false value, where it would return true on other systems.

SQLite is a fine piece of software, but its SQL dialect has many

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