how to get partition information of a hard disk with python

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> In message <vg3pqvqc9jy.fsf at>, Anssi Saari wrote:
>> Because for the common case it's simple and easy and one might learn
>> something interesting?

> You consider it ???interesting??? to reinvent stuff that others have already 
> done?

That isn't what the other poster said.  The claim was that you might learn
something interesting.

When I reinvent stuff others have already done, I usually do indeed learn
something interesting.  It may not be a good use of my time, but...

Here's the thing.  As a learning exercise, "reinvent something others have
already done" is excellent.  It means you have working code to study and
think about.  Once you already know everything, of course, it stops being
useful, and then there's no reason to ever duplicate existing code.

But I learned more from writing a roguelike game which was pretty much in
no way superior to existing roguelikes than I would have from trying to
invent a new kind of game when I didn't understand how to program in the
first place, I suspect.

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