SAML2 support in Python

Roland Hedberg roland at
Wed Oct 6 15:50:59 CEST 2010


For those that are interested in making there web applications work in a SAML2 federated environment I have two things to offer:

1) PySAML2 - a not complete but working implementation of SAML2 in Python. 
	Started with implementing the SP part and are now slowly doing the IdP part too.

	For those using Django you should take notice of what Lorenzo Gil Sanchez is doing using PySAML2.
2) IdPproxy - a gateway between social media and the SAML2 world.
	To the SPs in a SAML2 federation it looks like a normal IdP, but it allows the user to authenticate using
	Twitter, Facebook, Google, OpenID and Windows Live ID.
	Work in progress, alpha quality.

-- Roland

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