no .pyc

Tim Hanson tjhanson at
Thu Oct 7 11:55:41 CEST 2010

I feel a little silly.  I am learning Python by reading _Learning_Python_ by 
Mark Lutz.  I made it all the way to "Hello World" before my first question. 

The program isn't too complicated.
print "Hello World"
print 2**100

I saved it to a directory for which I have rw permissions that I moved to with 
cd ~/prog.  I set the execute bit.  I started the file with #!/usr/bin/python.  
I think I did everything right, and the program ran properly, both as a shell 
command (python and as a standalone (./ 

No *.pyc.  .py is there.  What am I doing wrong?

Oh, yeah:  2.6.5, Ubuntu 10.04.

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