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Thu Oct 7 17:55:20 CEST 2010

I am looking for an experienced Person or Company located in Southern California to develop and implement a graphical track map operating in MS Windows that will be used to display graphical information for a new Disney attraction.

Implementer Qualifications
General requirements:

*         Experience developing graphical user interfaces for Windows (or cross-platform tool sets which support Windows)

*         Ability to develop custom "widgets" for graphical user interfaces - in addition to the standard widgets (text boxes, list boxes, etc), custom widgets must be used by the track map application.

*         Experience with simple animation of widgets on-screen, including the ability to translate and rotate bitmaps with masks to any position within a window

*         Experience with developing network-enabled applications specifically using UDP and custom protocols.

*         Experience using Excel.

If WDI existing environment is used, additional requirements include:

*         Experience using Python as a primary development language on the Windows platform

*         Ability to understand partially documented Python code
Experience using the wxWidgets cross-platform graphical user interface development library, and preferably the wxPython bindings for Python.

Please contact Antony Capstick at

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