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>> >  - all the others having ODBC drivers...
>> ODBC seems to be something you use when you can’t use a proper database
>> driver.
Its the right answer for a program that needs to be used with many 
different RDBMSes, especially if you use its metadata access procedures.
> yes. first i have been mixing native and odbc drivers. Now i only use
> odbc. Odbc is not the best but its good enought for a sql explorer. Dont
> know how its on unix thou
Use unixODBC. Its a wrapper that lets Windows ODBC drivers be run on UNIX/
Linux and there's a Python module that provides an interface to unixODBC 
and a Data Manager utility that configures ODBC data sources. The 
documentation for the module is poor but the module and utility both work 
well once you've figured out how to use them.

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