Removing unneccessary files from Windows Tkinter tcl folder

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Sun Oct 10 06:33:36 CEST 2010

We are using Python 2.7 for Windows (32-bit) for a bunch of small
scripts that use simple Tkinter interfaces to prompt for user
input and display information. We're thinking of freezing these
scripts (py2exe or pyinstaller), and we would like to remove some
of the optional/unnecessary files from the tcl folder that must
be distributed with frozen Tkinter apps.

I've looked at the files in the tcl directory tree and wonder if
the following folders can be deleted?

- tcl\tcl8.5\encoding 1415K
- tcl\tk8.5\demos  685K
- tcl\tcl8.5\tzdata 1450K

Any other tips on how we can reduce the size of our frozen exe
when using Tkinter would be grately appreciated.

Thank you,
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