"Strong typing vs. strong testing"

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Martin Gregorie  <martin at address-in-sig.invalid> wrote:
| Lie Ryan wrote:
| > Virtual Machine in Hardware... isn't that a contradiction?
| Nope. Several mainframes did that. 
| Two that I knew well were both British - the ICL 1900 and 2900.
| The Burroughs x700 series also used hardware virtualisation.

Circa 1965, the IBM 1410 did hardware emulation of the earlier IBM 1401.
There was a front panel switch you could flip before you rebooted to
set the mode. We needed it at Emory Univ. since the program that drove
the Calcomp X-Y plotter only ean on the 1401. So we ran our Fortran
programs in 1410 mode with output to a mag tape, then rebooted into
1401 mode to run the program that plotted the data on the tape, then
rebooted back into 1410 mode for the next guy who needed the machine.


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