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Lady Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) is what this humanity
possesses of bright mind, sharp wit, and abundant knowledge.
Additionally, for her effective role in serving the Islamic thought
through relating Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) Hadiths (narrations);
interpreting a lot of the aspects of the Prophet's (PBUH) life and her
juristic deductions.
She is also a woman who exceeded the boundaries of her role as a woman
to become a teacher for a whole nation that is the Islamic nation.

May Allah be Pleased with her was one of the skilful people in Qur'an,
Hadith and Islamic Jurisprudence, thus Urwah- bin al- Zubair said:'' I
have never seen someone who knows more of the Qur'an and its
commandments, nor al-Hallal (lawfulness), or Haram( sinful deeds), or
poetry, or Arabs oratory or backgrounds than Aisha.''

In this researchable point I have raised three domains in which lady
Aisha (may Allah be Pleased with her) has been distinguished in, and
they are:

1-Her knowledge and teachings.

2-The oratorical interpreter lady.

3-The lady faqiha (Islamic jurist).

I have chosen these domains for their importance and obvious influence
on the Islamic community and thought, Lady Aisha (may Allah be Pleased
with her) with her knowledge and her knowingness contributed in
amending the concepts, and the orientation to follow the Messenger of
Allah's Sunnah (Prophet's tradition), that's why the intellectuals
used to go to her to grasp from her abundant knowledge ,thereby she
became an illuminative source (lamp) that sheds its light on the
people of science and its students .......


/source : http://www.rasoulallah.net

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