Komodo IDE 6 released

Todd Whiteman toddw at activestate.com
Tue Oct 12 23:57:06 CEST 2010

Hello all,

We are pleased to tell you that Komodo 6.0 has been released. With this 
release Komodo adds full support for Python 3 (Python 2 already 
supported) - with syntax coloring, error reporting, automatic code 
completions, debugging, code browsing and interactive Python shell.

The new features of Komodo 6 include:

   * Python 3 support
   * Places - a smarter file system and project viewer
   * Publishing - to synchronize local and remote file systems (IDE)
   * Database Explorer - visualize database tables, run SQL queries (IDE)
   * Toolbox - refactored tool layout and a new invoke-tool helper
   * HTML5 and CSS3 - updated for the latest web technologies
   * Faster - common actions are now even faster than Komodo 5, wow!
   * Rx Toolkit - language-specific matching for Python, PHP, JS (IDE)

For a detailed overview of the new Komodo 6 features, check out these 
feature pages:



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