ANN: automated daily snapshot builds for PyQt and friend on openSUSE build service

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at
Thu Oct 14 12:48:45 CEST 2010

[Sorry for cross posting]

Hi PyQtnistas,

I proudly announce the availability of automated builds of the most 
current PyQt and related packages including snapshots on openSUSEs 
build service for openSUSE 11.1, 11.2 and 11.3, here:

New sip4, PyQt3 and PyQt4 snapshots and release get build against a 
range of gcc and Qt versions automatically, e.g. without human 
intervention (if all goes well, famous last words..). dip and 
PyQtMobility will probably follow soon.

If you add both


to your list of repos, than you get the current snapshot builds of 
qscintilla, sip4, PyQt3 and PyQt4, with dependent packages, like 
PyQwt5, PyKDE3 and PyKDE4. Omitting or deactivating the latter, you can 
switch back to the current released versions with:

	zypper dup -r home_frispete_PyQt

BTW, home:frispete:PyQt contains the builds of the current versions of a 
lot of our favorite stuff: e.g. eric4, PyQwt5. eric is lacking the 
newest release, but I didn't manage to automate the sourceforge 
download process, yet.

How to choose your target?

Depending on which other repos you're using, choose your target 
accordingly, e.g. if you have the KDE:Distro:Stable (KDE 4.4) repo 
included, use KDE_Distro_Stable_openSUSE_11.x, 
KDE_Distro_Factory_openSUSE_11.x for KDE:Distro:Factory (KDE 4.5), or 
none of them, then use plain openSUSE_11.x. Note, that you implicitely 
choose your systems Qt4 version with this decision. I hope, this 
fullfills the most common needs. 

PyKDE4 is only provided for KDE_Distro_Stable_x ATM, since I didn't got 
around splitting this package into a 4.4 and 4.5 version.

All in all, these repos provide the the cheapest way of keeping current 
with the PyQt project, that I know of. 

Comments welcome.


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