what happens to Popen()'s parent-side file descriptors?

Seebs usenet-nospam at seebs.net
Thu Oct 14 21:55:42 CEST 2010

On 2010-10-14, Roger Davis <rbd at hawaii.edu> wrote:
> Seebs, you are of course correct that the example I quoted (`cat |
> grep | whatever`) is best done internally with the re module and built-
> in language features, and in fact that has already been done wherever
> possible. I should have picked a better example, there are numerous
> cases where I am calling external programs whose functionality is not
> duplicated by Python features.

Fair enough.  It's just a common pitfall when moving from shell to basically
any other language.  My first attempts to code in C involved a lot of
building up of system() calls.  :P

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