Starting Python in XP Pro

Dave Angel davea at
Sun Oct 17 02:30:14 CEST 2010

  On 2:59 PM, Grant Andrew wrote:
> I'm a beginning user with some challenges.  I have installed and uninstalled
> several versions with the same results - I can't get IDLE to work, nor can I
> associate .py files with Python.
> So I can get the interactive shell interface but nothing else.  I'm
> currently running ActiveState 2.6.
> Any thoughts on where to begin are appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Grant
You could start by writing a more complete question.  Exactly what have 
you tried, and in what way does it "not work" ?  Show what you typed at 
the command prompt, and just what error messages you got.  Use copy & 
paste, don't retype it.

With the ActiveState default install, you shouldn't need to create your 
own association;  it should already be done by the installation.  
However, if you install multiple versions, and don't properly uninstall, 
it might change the default.

Have you tried running python.exe explicitly?


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