[ANNC] TZMud 0.9 : A Python MUD server

Lee Harr missive at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 17 20:23:44 CEST 2010

TZMud is a Python MUD server.

A MUD is a text-based virtual environment
accessed via telnet, or with a specialised
MUD client.

TZMud development is still in early stages,
focusing on API and server stability.

TZMud uses several high-quality Python
libraries to facilitate rapid development:
    Twisted, ZODB, and Pyparsing.

TZMud is released under GPLv3.

Changes in TZMud-0.9:
    + Configuration changes
        - improved handling of utf-8 text (see conf and defaults)
        - added "speech mode" configuration option

    + MUD interface changes
        - better automated creation of exits when digging
        - improved messages
            - digging
            - wear and remove
            - settings
        - improved following
        - show things worn separate from other things in inventory
        - character home is now a setting
        - allow "a", "an", or "the" in front of any object

    + API changes
        - moved Exit to separate exits module
        - allow for "<character> in room" and "<mob> in room"
        - all objects now have a name_aka attribute
        - items.getname now looks at name_aka
        - extensive rework of TZObj metaclass

    + DB changes
        - run upgradeall during any version upgrade
        - set player name separately during upgrade
        - version bumped

    + Wizard changes
        - show which module an object is defined in for @info <object>
        - show which containers an object is in for @info <object>
        - make exits @list able
        - added @tell command (talkmode setting allows any player to tell)
        - fixed problem destroying some objects

    + Web interface
        - fixed spurious teleport when using stale page
        - update room widget after teleport
        - show wiz/admin and current room for player list on front page
        - allow changing object names from the web
        - allow creating new room when building an exit
        - allow changing name_aka from the web
        - switch to checkboxes for boolean attributes


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