ANN: dulce 0.1 - in-memory schema-less relational database

Paul McGuire ptmcg at
Mon Oct 18 05:11:59 CEST 2010

dulce is a syntactic "sweet" wrapper for managing collections of
Python objects like relational tables.  No schema definition is used;
instead table columns are introspected from the attributes of objects
inserted into the table, and inferred from index and query
parameters.  dulce's Tables can be:
- indexed
- queried
- joined
- imported from/exported to .CSV files

Also, every query or join returns a new full-fledged dulce Table - no
distinction of Tables vs. DataSets vs. RecordSets vs. whatever.  So it
is easy to build up a complex database analysis from a succession of
joins and queries.

dulce is a simple environment for experimenting with tables, joins,
and indexing, with a minimum of startup overhead.  You can download
dulce at - htmldocs can
be viewed at

-- Paul

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