annoying CL echo in interactive python / ipython

kj at
Tue Oct 19 19:37:51 CEST 2010

Under some parent shells, both my interactive python as well as
ipython, produce an unwanted echoing of the input line.  E.g.

>>> 1 + 1
1 + 1

What's worse, upon exiting the interactive python/ipython session,
the terminal is left in echo mode:

>>> <EOF>
% date 
Tue Oct 19 13:27:47 EDT 2010
% stty -echo
% date
Tue Oct 19 13:27:50 EDT 2010

It's basically the same story for ipython.

(If I run stty -echo before running either python or ipython, I
still get the echo when I'm in them.  So the problem is not a
pre-existing terminal setting.)

(As I said, this happens only under some shells (e.g. emacs shell),
so YMMV.)

Does anyone know how can I suppress this annoying feature?



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