pyqt4 Table Widget deleting c/c++ object

Andrew andrewt.herd at
Tue Oct 19 19:38:58 CEST 2010

On Oct 18, 2:26 pm, Andrew <andrewt.h... at> wrote:
> I have two issues dealing with the table widget, though they may be
> interconnected. I'm not sure. Both delete the cell widgets off of my
> table but leave the rows, and then when I have the table update, it
> complains the c++ object has been deleted.
> # self.tableData.setCellWidget(rowCount, 0, trackItem)
> # RuntimeError: underlying C/C++ object has been deleted
> I have a list of a custom widget class that keeps track of several
> directories. Each class gets put into a row on the table. I have a set
> of radio buttons that will show me different views of the data: All,
> New, Done, Errors, Warnings.
> When I switch views, I clear my table, set the row count to 0, and
> then add back in only the widgets I want to see.
> Error 1:
> I load in the data initially, and then repopulate the table, and then
> re-size the window, instantly all listed rows are cleared, but the
> rows stay. This only happened on the diagonal re-size (bottom left
> corner); not the up and down, or side to side re-size. Attempting to
> repopulate the table, resulted in: underlying C/C++ object has been
> deleted. Though it will put in the correct number of rows required.
> Everything worked fine as long as I did not re-size the window.
> Error 2:
> I load in the data initially, and then repopulate the table, the table
> clears and then nothing happens. No error messages or even visible
> rows. After several more repopulates it with either crash or tell me:
> underlying C/C++ object has been deleted.
> I had error 1 two days ago, then without changing the code, I now get
> error 2. I do not have to re-size the window for it to break now.
> I am using python 2.7 with PyQt4 4.7.7
> Thanks for any insight,
> Andrew

Here is a working example of what I'm describing above.


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