annoying CL echo in interactive python / ipython

Hrvoje Niksic hniksic at
Tue Oct 19 21:33:33 CEST 2010

Jed Smith <jed at> writes:

>>     echo (-echo)
>>                 Echo back (do not echo back) every character typed.
> I'm going to guess that the percent sign in your prompt indicates that
> you're using zsh(1).  With my minimally-customized zsh, the echo
> option is reset every time the prompt is displayed. That means you can
> type "stty -echo", push CR, the echo option is cleared, then zsh
> immediately sets it before you get to type again.

But are you running zsh in an emacs shell window?  Emacs shell is not a
terminal emulator, it lets emacs do the editing, and only sends it to
the shell when enter is pressed.  To avoid clashing with readline and
equivalent (ZLE in case of zsh), emacs presents itself as a dumb
terminal, which should make zsh turn ZLE off.

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