pylint -- should I just ignore it sometimes?

Martin P. Hellwig martin.hellwig at
Wed Oct 20 01:14:05 CEST 2010

On 10/19/10 23:36, Seebs wrote:
> It seems like a
> very odd measure of complexity; is it really that unusual for objects to have
> more than seven meaningful attributes?
Speaking without context here, so take it with as much salt as required 
;-), it is not that unusual. However there are some things to consider, 
for example are all these attributes related to each other? If so 
wouldn't it be more pythonic to have one attribute which is a dictionary 
and store your stuff in there?

I follow pylint pretty strict and only tend to ignore it when making it 
lint-friendly would mean making it less readable or less logically.

As everything pylint is a really useful tool especially when you just 
start writing in python and it can give you valuable clues on how to 
improve your programming. So just take it as hints that there might be 
ways to write it better, have a think about it, perhaps ask as you have 
done, and happily ignore it if all else fails :-)


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